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Although our specialty are hairless dog breeds, we understand that each animal is a unique individual, differing not only in shape and size, but also in its own specific needs. It is for this reason that we offer the possibility to order tailor-made clothes, specifically designed for your dog. We invite you to explore our "TAILOR MADE" section to discover customized solutions that perfectly adapt to the unique characteristics of your faithful four-legged friend.

For these unique creations we need the following information.

1. Back length

2. Chest circumference

3. Neck circumference

4. Front sleeve length

5. Length of the back sleeve

6. Waist circumference

7. Male/female?

8. Dog breed + weight

In the case of a complete onesie, also include:

9. Neck length (from withers to the front of the head)

10. Tail length + circumference