About us

My name is Lucie Gormand and I am the creator behind the barnd Best Dressed Dogs, dedicated to create dogs clothes with style and comfort.

Since childhood, I have had a passion for fashion, this was further nurtured by my grandmother who gave me the first pieces of fabric with which I created my first clothing at only 3 or 4 years old (cutting holes with scissors).

Over time, I honed my skills with the sewing machine and created a complete collection of clothes that I presented during a fashion show in the school gym.

At 17, just before graduation, I decided to focus on canine fashion, prompted by the lack of clothing options for dogs on the market. Thus the "Kim Fashion" brand was born, named as a tribute to our family dog.

Being one of the first to offer custom-made clothes for dogs, I quickly attracted media attention, even being invited to a popular national television talk show.

Despite the success, I felt the desire to explore new experiences and embarked on a career as a flight attendant, moving to Italy when just 20 years old.

The passion for canine fashion never faded, and during the lockdown period of the infamous pandemic, I found inspiration to dedicate myself again to creating clothes, both for our four-legged friends and for humans.

In 2021, a dream came true when I was admitted to the fashion design course at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. It was the moment when I started laying the groundwork for my new brand "Best Dressed Dogs".

My approach to dog fashion stands out for its casual and comfortable style, prioritizing high-quality materials and a design without excessive frills.

All items, marked with the Lucie Lekes label, are handmade in my small workshop in the province of Bergamo, using materials from the European Union and preferring sustainable options whenever possible.

Furthermore, I am committed to reducing environmental impact by avoiding the use of plastic packaging.