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Nail Grinder

Nail Grinder

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Grinder - Nail File with a powerful 6-speed motor (7,000-12,000 RPM) with 2 LED lights. Rechargeable via USB cable.

• 6 adjustable speeds (7000-12000 revolutions per minute), easy to use for both experienced and novice users: the dog nail grinder offers six adjustable grinding speeds. Turn off the nail grinder using the power switch directly to ensure that the preferred speed is saved and ready for future use.

• 3 sanding ports for precise and easy filing: the dog nail clipper has 3 ports. The small port is specifically designed for small-sized animals, the medium one is for medium-sized ones, and the unprotected nail smoother works best with larger dog nails.

• 2 integrated LED lights, preventing excessive cutting: the 2 LED lights of the pet nail grinder provide clarity during the grooming session, helping you locate the quick and avoid injuring pets. It can be easily recharged with an AC adapter, laptop, or other power sources. Lasts up to 4 hours on a full charge.

• The removable plastic cover simplifies cleaning: a removable plastic cover fits onto the grinding tip of the dog nail grinder, allowing you to collect and dispose of nail dust and debris easily during cleaning. The resulting order from the cover is a significant advantage.
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