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Warm winter hybrid onesie for dogs (CUSTOM MADE)

Warm winter hybrid onesie for dogs (CUSTOM MADE)

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Hybrid full coverage outfit made partially from a double-layered fabric; the smooth fleece on the inner side and Teddy plush, and partially from softshell, making certain parts water-resistant.

The warm Teddy plush covers the upper part of the body - the delicate back is well protected from the cold. Meanwhile, the lower parts such as the legs and belly are made of waterproof softshell, making this the ideal outfit in winter conditions when it's wet outside. It is worn by slipping it over the head, but there is a small zipper to make the operation easier. The hood is functional, not just decorative.

Available in gray colour.

This outfit will be tailor-made to fit your four-legged friend, with a back length of up to 50 cm (for larger sizes, please send a request).

LIMITED EDITION as the TEDDY fabric is out of production, availability until stocks last.

NOTE: Measurements MUST be provided for the production of this outfit.

By purchasing this product, you are supporting dog shelters.

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