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PAIKKA recovery raincoat

PAIKKA recovery raincoat

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The Best Dog Raincoat, Made Even Better.

The PAIKKA Recovery Raincoat combines the best features, providing ultimate safety in low-light conditions, waterproofing, and potential recovery benefits. The jacket features a reflective rainbow effect, a Far Infrared (FIR) lining, and adjustable elements for a perfect fit.


* Reflective rainbow effect for safety.
* FIR lining for potential recovery benefits.
* Hood for waterproof coverage.
* Harness opening with zipper – adjust the position and size of the opening.
* Adjustable neckline, waist, back length and leg straps for individual fit.


The size corresponds to the back length in centimetres.

The chest girth is adjustable.

For example size 35 is 35 cm long from the collar to the tail etc.

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